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By the numbers

Cross-border ‘last mile’ logistics solution

Inventory management solution

Webstore technology to support Team orders

The brief

We supported one of South East Asia’s fastest-growing super apps specializing in transport, food, shopping and finance.

adm was tasked with developing two stakeholder websites: a rewards/branded items portal for employees across the APAC region, and a driver/walker ‘swag’ store providing partner essentials, such as food bags and apparel.

Lifestyle brand



Execute, Technology



What we did

In a truly regional approach, adm provided seamless webstore delivery across Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar, India, China and the USA.

Harnessing the strengths of each market, we paired locally-sourced branded products with gift boxes (sourced centrally) and integrated with the company’s existing driver web architecture.

With local stakeholder engagement and product quality also high on the agenda, adm also provided logistics/warehousing and regional sourcing capability.


"This is a hugely exciting platform at an exciting time in our business life. It’s essentially a tribute to the wonderful family across the world, particularly all those involved in our company’s rapid development."

Client discussing Employee Rewards Portal

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