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Kenwood Vineyards:
Great wine, thrills, and grills

By the numbers

Increased purchase consideration

Engaging shopping experiences

The brief

The retail environment is crowded, especially for wine brands, so our brief for Kenwood Vineyards was to find an innovative way to transform the traditional retail experience and drive sales for both the store owners and the brand.

Kenwood Vineyards


Insight, design, procurement, distribution




What we did

We discovered that Kenwood Vineyards has a great story to tell consumers about their earthy flavors, sustainable farming practices, and love of the land.  Teaming up with Weber grills, we created a partnership, giving the consumer delicious wines and tasty foods in one easy place.

Across the country, the brand story of Kenwood Vineyards was brought to life through a hands-on, experiential mobile retail tour, with live demonstrations and tastings to position these wines as the drink of choice for outdoor occasions.


By co-branding Kenwood Vineyard bottles with Weber Grill logos, and including exclusive recipes, we increased purchase consideration and attention for both brands.

From co-branded pizza cutters to grilling tools and accessories, our retail space served up an engaging shopping experience that also gave store owners added incentives to reward their staff.

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