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A game changer in point-of-sale communications … capturing invaluable feedback at point of purchase and providing a solution to optimize messaging in near real time.
- Mastercard Trade Marketing

The brief

Winning shopper spend

In the rapidly evolving world of retail, customers expect engaging in-store content and want consistent and satisfying experiences. Hence digital and omnichannel activations are entrenching themselves as a key driver for winning shopper spend.

Lagardère AWPL Travel Retail wanted to elevate and upgrade their POS journey for customers across all their Australian airport stores through a data-driven and adaptable connected solution with complete visibility to create a seamless customer journey. Lagardere partner Mastercard wanted to to promote their ‘Priceless’ campaign during the period of the Australian Open (AO).

Lagardère Travel Retail


POS, Digital, Omnichannel




What we did

Our new digital media platform, Connected Retail

Connected Retail is a unique-to-market comprehensive ecosystem that allows complete visibility of data-led insights for point of sale activations (POS), that can be tracked and edited in real-time. 

We supported Lagardère and Mastercard through creating an omnichannel digital journey to incentivize customers to tap their Mastercard over competitors, which resulted in increased engagement and sales.

Using the platform, adm created a personalized user flow that seamlessly connected offline and online for the Priceless campaign. It offered Australian Open campaign gift-with-purchase to customers, that would trigger them to increase spend.


Complete visibility, real-time insights, increased conversion

Impressive results underscored the impact and opportunity of Connected Retail, with Mastercard seeing over 470k impressions and 300k views in the first month, and an increased dwell time at activation touch points. This contributed to a significant increase in market share.

The campaign was also nominated by the Drum for a Retail Marketing Award in 2024.