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adm Group launches its Annual Sustainability Report

adm Group, a leading global marketing execution partner, today launched its annual Sustainability Report, detailing the company’s progress on priority sustainability issues impacting the company, its customers, and other stakeholders. 

adm’s corporate social responsibility vision is focused on transforming marketing activations to deliver sustainable brand execution, thereby protecting the planet and supporting human rights across the world. This vision exemplifies the Group’s commitment to the highest standards of environmental, social and governance (ESG), and to a more sustainable, diverse, and inclusive future. It is this continued pursuit of transforming marketing execution sustainably that has led us to achieve a Platinum rating from EcoVadis for the third consecutive year.  

Tom Hunter, Chief Sustainability Officer said, “We believe it is critical to focus on marketing sustainably, not just marketing sustainability. The challenge facing us all is huge, but it is unavoidable. At adm, we remain committed to taking actions that reduce our impact on the environment, protect human rights in the supply chain, and support our people across the globe. For us, it is about moving From Purpose to Impact now.” 

2022 was a significant year for adm’s sustainability program, which has been retitled “From Purpose to Impact” as the Group employs an action-orientated approach across the business to help deliver tangible improvements for its clients.  

Highlights from adm Group’s FY22 Sustainability Report include: 

Environmental Achievements: 

  • Full Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Accounting: We met our 2021 commitment and finalized a complete review of our GHG emissions, taking into account the 3 scopes of the GHG Protocol. 

  • SBTi: Submitted our short-term and long-term science-based targets to the SBTi, aligning with the 1.5C pathway. 

  • Green Design Tool: In partnership with Anthesis, we developed this tool to impact decision-making at the point of design and the point of purchase.  

  • Improved CDP Scoring: We are proud to have achieved a B rating in 2022 (uplifted from a C rating in 2021) from the CDP. 

  • Improved EcoVadis Scoring: We have been awarded our highest score yet by EcoVadis, making this our third platinum rating in a row. Our Environment pillar achieved a score of 90/100. 

Social Achievements: 

  • Live Well: We continued to prioritize the well-being of our employees and expanded the scope of our “Live Well” program. 

  • Living Wage: We initiated a gap analysis pilot project with the Fair Wage Network to become a Certified Living Wage employer by 2025. We now expect to achieve this by the end of 2023. 

  • Worker Well-being Assessments: We conducted a Worker Well-being pilot and survey across our APAC region. 

  • UN Global Compact: We took part in a Target Gender Equality training to enhance our DEI strategy. We also strengthened our human rights due diligence development through our commitment to the Business and Human Rights Accelerator program. 

  • Co-Leading AIM-Progress APAC: Our senior sustainability manager in APAC accepted a leading role as Co-Chair of the AIM-Progress Asia Pacific Hub. 

  • Improved EcoVadis Scoring: We achieved a score of 90/100 for our Labour and Human Rights pillar, supporting our overall Platinum rating. 

For further information and to learn more about our strategy for supporting our supply chain partners, clients and employees to demonstrate climate leadership by reducing the impact of our supply chain emissions, read the full report here.  

If you have any feedback or would like to know more about adm’s sustainability solutions, please connect with us via the contact page on our website. 


By adm Group