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adm awarded Platinum by EcoVadis

We are Platinum rated!

EcoVadis has awarded us our highest score yet, making this our third Platinum rating in a row. This score puts us in the top 1% of the 100,000 businesses assessed, making us the highest-ranked business in our space.

Our score of 85 represents a 9-point increase from last year, with significant improvements to our human rights and labour score, and to our environmental score.

This success is a result of the continued commitment of our global teams to improve our ways of working and to drive our own, and our clients’, ESG agendas.

Thank you, especially, to our amazing sustainability team for their efforts in ensuring our work is measured and recognised, in pioneering our efforts and ensuring our teams have the tools and knowledge they need to succeed: Olivia BENIER, Tom Hunter, Else-Marie Arli Boyd, Cherri Wong, Aarushi Bahl, Ali Nora Pellegrino, Aigline Pahin de Mostuéjouls & Beatriz Herdon, ACCA

By adm Group