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The Sustainable Design Guide

“Over 70% of a product’s life-cycle costs and environmental footprint is determined during its design phase.”  Ellen Macarthur foundation

The adm Group Sustainable Design Guide is a comprehensive resource that serves as a strategic and ethical framework for our operations. It is meant to support account teams, designers and clients to understand the environmental impacts of their design decisions and to encourage everyone involved in the product development process to make more sustainable choices that design out waste and reduce the carbon footprints of our items.

Our objective.

In an era when the consequences of climate change and environmental degradation are becoming ever more apparent, it is our responsibility, as a forward-thinking organization, to lead by example. This guide is our commitment to a better future, one built on sustainable practices, innovation, and ethical design principles.

Our principles. 

The purpose of the guide extends beyond mere compliance with environmental regulations. It reflects our dedication to embracing sustainable design as a fundamental aspect of our corporate culture and is meant to encourage thoughtful planning, sustainable material choices, design circularity and end of life emphasis by account teams, designers and clients. We recognize that the choices we make today have a profound impact on the world we leave for future generations. Therefore, our commitment to sustainability is both a moral imperative and a strategic advantage in an increasingly eco-conscious marketplace.

How we operate.

At the core of our offering lies the creation of meaningful and enduring brand experiences. We have consistently led the way in introducing sustainable solutions within the marketing execution landscape, and this commitment permeates every aspect of our daily operations. This guide serves as a compass, directing our decisions, processes, and innovation toward environmentally responsible solutions. From product development to waste reduction, every facet of our organization is touched by the principles outlined herein.

A resource for our clients.

We understand that sustainability is not just an internal practice, but a common goal we share with our clients. By sharing this guide, we are extending to them the knowledge and tools we use to make environmentally conscious choices for their projects and campaigns. We understand that our clients may come from diverse industries and their needs may vary, but the common thread remains the aspiration for a more sustainable future. With this guide, we hope to help empower our partners to achieve their sustainability goals, thereby multiplying our impact.

What to expect.

You will find a wealth of information, strategies, and best practices. We delve into the core tenets of sustainable and circular design, offering insights on responsible material sourcing, waste reduction, resource conservation, energy efficiency and social responsibility. 

By adm Group